In order to provide the highest level of quality and comfort, we only use European yarn suppliers that we know value quality. The main part of our products are certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100.
Below, some of the different types of yarn we use (depending on where the sock is going to be used) are explained.


Bekinox is a steel fibre that discharges static electricity and it is used in socks with anti-static function.


We use combed, ring spun cotton which is less prone to shedding and pilling. The material feels nice to your skin; soft and natural.


Coolmax is a very comfortable material that both transports moisture and makes the sock extremely quick drying. Consequently, the foot stays dry and comfortable.


Cordura is a high density material with superior durability. It is also used in, for example, workwear and backpacks. The material is resistant to wear and tear and it features all the qualities necessary in a high performance sock.


Maximum breathability, warm in winter, cool in summer, has low specific weight, 100 % recyclable, saves electricity and need only low temperature for washing because of resistant to other substances, like dirt, an ecological fiber of the future.


Lycra gives a natural stretchy shaft. It also makes sure that the sock stays in place without sliding.


Multitech is a merino wool and polyamide fibre blend. ”Built-in” silver ions in the polyamide. The material offers a permanent anti-bacterial and odour free function.


Outlast is a material that absorbs, maintains, distributes and discharges body heat depending on the changes in the outside climate.


Polyamide provides elasticity and makes the sock more durable.


Polyester is a synthetic fibre that transports moisture and keeps the foot dry. It has a soft and natural cotton feel.


Polypropylene is a durable fibre that transports moisture and keeps the foot dry. It is soft, warm and comfortable against the skin.


PrimaLoft fibres are blended with soft merino wool and feature “Quick Draw Technology” which gives the material the highest level of comfort, heat and breathing ability.

Protex M

Protex M is a performance FR fibre and part of the range of Kanecaron fibres. It blends with inflammable fibres, for example cotton or polyester, but still features a high flame retardancy.


Silk is a light and soft natural fibre, renowned for its durability. It breathes, regulates temperature and absorbs moisture. The foot stays cool when it is warm and warm when it is cold.


Tactel is a soft fibre with a natural feel and highly efficient moisture transportation. The fibre has a high level of durability and it is light-weight.


We use fine, combed wool that is rendered shrink-resistant. The wool has excellent heat insulation and it absorbs moisture without making you feel wet and cold.


As the name indicates, x-static is anti-static. It is an anti-bacterial silver fibre that eliminates bacteria which cause odour. It also has therapeutic benefits and it stimulates blood circulation. It regulates temperature, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.