Medical – socks is a science

It all starts with the feet. If your feet feel good, the rest of your body will feel good.

When it comes to circulation, your feet and lower legs are a ”bottle neck”. The blood must be able to flow easily to the rest of your body. Also, your feet have to carry the weight of the rest of your body making the pressure and the requirements high. A sock cannot cure all ailments, but caring for your feet can make your life a little easier and more enjoyable.

Medical socks are a science where millions are spent every year and where the results are astonishing.

New fibers, that are not only anti bacterial can today do more for frozen feet than we thought possible ten years ago.

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Through the unique competence of our product developers, technicians and staff we give you the possibility to, together with us create products of high quality in design, durability and above all composition of materials and details.

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