High Performance Concept

As one of the Nordic countries’ largest sock suppliers, we provide our services to all kinds of companies who value high quality in material, competence and production. Today, we collaborate with companies in various fields of expertise, such as workwear, fashion clothing, sports, shoes, hunting, alpine clothing and so forth.

Our concept includes the whole process from the design and product development to the finished product. With our long experience of the sock manufacturing business, we will together with you, discuss and decide on the best possible solution for you and your company. Our decisions will be based on your requirements, such as the environmental specifications or other issues you like to put forward.

From experience we know that it is always hard to predict the perfect quantities in order to make sure you can deliver to the final customer. At the same time, no company wants to tie up a larger capital than needed. This will only lead to unused stock and the risk of increased costs if the product mix changes or if there is a decline in orders.

Collaborating with us and our ”High Performance Concept” means that together we can eliminate some of the risks that may arise in the traditional way of dealing with purchases and larger stock quantities.

Together we will establish your annual demand and we will set up a delivery plan. After approving on the design, we begin the production and deliver according to agreement. From then on, we are responsible for the production and that there is always material and manufacturing capacity for your needs.

This kind of concept relies on a close working relationship in order to be able to act quickly if conditions change in a positive or negative way. We offer to keep your delivery stock according to the description above and consequently, we can deliver smaller or larger quantities than the established prognosis states, if that would be necessary.

Collaborating with us and working by our concept means that together we will reduce costs of overstock, backorder, discount sales, contingent depreciation and ”Working Capital” will increase in a positive direction. We become your cooperation partner and will thus take full control over product development, the manufacturing process and stock levels.

This way of working has also proved positive on our customers since they have been able to focus more on their ”Core business” and also, they have been able to reduce the internal costs.

You are welcome to contact us for further information.