Swedish production

We have always cherished high quality. Since our production is still based in Sweden, we have full control over the production process as well as the quality of the production. Because all our activity is in one place, in Dalsjöfors outside Borås, we provide a comprehensive view and therefore, we can ensure a high level of delivery safety throughout all stages.

You may think that a sock is a sock, but this statement cannot be more misleading. Depending on what environment the socks are going to be used, different combinations of materials and functions are necessary to consider in order to reach maximal effect and durability. By daily communication with our product developers and technicians, we are always able to find the perfect mix for each customer. It is often the small details that make all the difference.

Because we are managing ourselves, we are very flexible in the production process, and we can often change around the production process if necessary, in order to help our customers when problems arise.

We cherish the environment and by manufacturing our socks in Sweden, we keep transport levels low.